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Downtown Food Tour

A Downtown Food Tour Makes a Great Date if You Want Time to Get To Know Someone.

Are you looking to wow a date and want to do something a bit more than a simple dinner? We have the answer for you at Taste of St. Pete Food and Cocktail Tours. Our tours are laid back, entertaining, and give you plenty of time to get to know your date in an easy environment that is changing just often enough to keep it fresh. A typical dinner, even at a nice restaurant may take about an hour give or take. Our tour averages a bit over two hours long, so make sure you bring a date you really want to spend time with! You will not be left with a ton of voids in the conversation as you get to know each other as our guides are full of information and wit and you will constantly be offered new dishes to delight the senses. Call for your reservation today.

You can get to know your hometown in a whole new way, or have an introduction to a new area if you want to enjoy a downtown food tour on your own, with a date, or with a group. We look forward to meeting you soon! You can book your own cocktail tour if you have a larger group and get to know the area's finest bartenders while trying four different ½ cocktails during the walk. We also offer beach tours and have a singing tour option just to turn the fun up a notch! Call today to book your tour and let the fun begin.

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