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Culinary Tours

Culinary Tours Are a Great Way to Show Visitors The Town.

Do you have out of town guests coming for the week? Consider gourmet walking tours to show them our beautiful city in a way they will never forget. Our culinary tours include enough food to be considered a full meal for an average adult. It includes the best offerings at several area restaurants and is packed full of entertaining historical information about the area's history. You will receive both dinner and dessert in addition to an entertaining history lesson about our area.

Gourmet walking tours are a way to answer the question of where to eat tonight when there are just so many fine options in the St. Pete area, and no one in your group seems to want to commit to a particular location. Why not try several of the top-rated restaurants and eateries all in one night? You won't have to choose the type of food or specific location, which can be a perk sometimes. You will be impressed with the variety and possibly surprised at the level of culinary skill in the area. And you will get to learn new things about your food and the local culinary scene while you are at it.

Taste of St. Pete Food and Cocktail Tours is a well-rated walking tour company. We strive to provide a gourmet culinary experience by keeping up to date on the hottest chefs and eateries in the area. If a recipe is creating a buzz, then we will try it ourselves and possibly add it to our tour if the restaurant lives up to the gourmet standards we set for our clients. Schedule your tour for fun, great food, and an interesting evening today.

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